Meet me in the lab, we’re going streaking!

Here it is folks. A super, wicked awesome streak plate, by yours truly. Let me walk you through how I got here . . . Day one of our purity pipeline includes plating on Tryptic Soy Agar, also known as TSA. (TSA is great for Vibrio vulnificus because it is nutrient dense; all my little vibrio thrive andContinue reading “Meet me in the lab, we’re going streaking!”

My First Go At a Real Science Thing

Welcome to my blog! I’d like to start off by telling you a little about what I plan to do here on this blog and the work that I do at Keene State College. So – lets get started! First off, I am a sophomore taking Cell Biology, Organic Chemistry, Nutrition and Psychology. (My semesterContinue reading “My First Go At a Real Science Thing”