So you want to be a surgeon?

    Surgeons make up one third of all physicians in the United States, and women in surgery are far less represented than in any other specialty. What is it like to be a surgeon? I have had the opportunity to shadow a general surgeon over this past year and I am fortunate enough toContinue reading “So you want to be a surgeon?”

Tumor Suppressor p16 – 08/10/18 SJH Tumor Board Meeting

On August 10th, 2018 I attended St. Joseph Hospital’s Tumor board conference with a general surgeon. At the conference, she presented two cases of squamous cell carcinoma of the rectal/anal area. Anal carcinomas are rare, with, an incidence of only 1 to 2.5 cases per 100,000 people per year in most countries. While I wasContinue reading “Tumor Suppressor p16 – 08/10/18 SJH Tumor Board Meeting”

Prognosis: Senioritis

Evaluation: Ms. Kelly Dellovo is a 22 year old female in good physical health who presents today with mild to moderate anxiety associated with starting her senior year and some feelings of fatigue. She came to my office today for a consultation about her symptoms. Patient claims she might have caught, “senioritis”. Chief complaint: senioritisContinue reading “Prognosis: Senioritis”