The Regulatory Effects of PCB on Thyroid Function

What are PCBs? PCBs or polychlorinated biphenyls are man-made chemicals with a striking resemblance to an important hormone that is synthesized in our bodies. PCBs were used in hundreds of industrial and commercial applications such as hydraulic equipment, plasticizers, pigments, and even carbonless copy paper [1]. These chemicals were banned in the U.S. in 1979Continue reading “The Regulatory Effects of PCB on Thyroid Function”

A Mock Interview Experience with Christopher Kassotis

Just about an hour ago I sat down in front of my iPad (resting on a cardboard box, propped up with two books). I opened up my skype app. Naturally, my computer crashed in the moments before my mock interview. This was my version of improvision. A little shaken from the failed technology, I satContinue reading “A Mock Interview Experience with Christopher Kassotis”

“I, who have never willfully pained another, have no business to pain myself.” — Marcus Aurelius

A few weeks ago I worked my first 12 hour shift in a very long time. Typically, at the beginning of every shift (so be it 12 or 8 hour shift), I go to each patient room, introduce myself, ask them if they would like to get up for breakfast, and I write my nameContinue reading ““I, who have never willfully pained another, have no business to pain myself.” — Marcus Aurelius”

Why interdisciplinary matters.

It was in middle school when I attended math, science, social studies, and English classes that a bell rang over the intercom at every hour and a half. This signaled us, students, to get out of our chairs and move on to our next class. As a young middle-schooler, I conditioned my brain to compartmentalizeContinue reading “Why interdisciplinary matters.”