The Gatekeeping Effect

According to communications professors Pamela Shoemaker and Tim Vos, the act of gatekeeping represents the “process of culling and crafting countless bits of information into the limited number of messages that reach people every day, and it is the center of the media‘s role in modern public life…This process determines not only which information is selected, but also what the content and nature of the messages, such as news, will be.

The Gatekeeping effect. 

The state in which others determine our fate. 

The state of limbo in which the answer is neither yes or no. 

The place where cognitive dissonance conceivably becomes a state of harmony. 

The Gatekeeping effect is what we experience any time we surrender control over our lives. 

Lack of autonomy is the primary reason people feel miserable. It simply is the feeling of having no control over your life and the significant decisions effecting it.

Consequently, what can we do to minimize the impact of the gatekeeper effect on our lives?

We can overlook it. We search for a way around the gatekeepers. We choose not to play by their rules and regulations. Those who categorically refuse to conform gatekeepers comprise the happiest people and often, most successful.

Why propose this in my final reflections?

At this point in my life, I have come to be one with the meaning of gatekeeping. I no longer allow others to take control over my life because fundamentally, I am the only one who retains this capacity to make a change. I can, I will, and I have taken control over my lifethis is something I have learned over the past semester. If I want to practice medicine, I will indefinitely discover a way. 

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